Coloured pencils

March 31, 2012

I bought some colour pencils the other day, with the aim of producing some work to sell to put in my istock portfolio,


I’d done some simple lines of colour using colour pencils which sell OK, so thought I’d buy a new set and have a go at a well tried seller, a UK map, not the most exciting thing, but maps can sell well, so spent and hour this afternoon, tracing off a line map I’d drawn previously, from  a copyright free source at The University of Texas ( have to get these things right!), crouched over the lightbox, then starting to colour it in. They’re water soluble so once I’ve finished this one, I’ll scan it so I have a high copy, then apply some water to get some ( hopefully) nice effects, and also 2 separate files to upload.

Finally made the requested changes to the sailing boat image seen earlier, emailed it to the designer, who thinks the client will be happy with it now, but have to wait a few days for the all clear.

Heres the ( hopefully final) image

Carrying on from an earlier post, the Cubist style village scene has progressed but somehow lost it’s way a bit.

It’s moved on quite a lot from a few days ago but just lacks something, so I’ve decided to put it to one side and return to it in a day or two. Sometimes it helps to step back and reconsider at leisure, rather than force an image to an unsatisfactory conclusion. Here it is unfinished, hopefully in a few days I can re- post the finished image and feel happier about it.

Or, my old tat in a box, take your pick. Most artists, being possessed of a strong visual sense, have lots of strongly visual stuff they collect, and Carol and I are just the same. We’ve been buying stuff for years, probably too much, and have lots of favourite bits. I keep all my small things in an old display cabinet on my studio wall, and , should anyone be interested, here it is.

Website live at last!

March 29, 2012

I was contacted a few weeks ago by a US based designer who had bought one of my early istock images with the idea of adapting it for a Tax District image he was producing for a government dept.

This was the original image…


but it had to be a sloop , an image of which hung in the tax office in the form of an old painting. He provided me with various reference shots and asked me to amend the original, which I’m in the process of doing. I sent him a revised version …


but it still needs some changes ( removing the horizontal shading on the sails mainly, and removing the pennants, and putting vertical lines on the sails instead), so it’s back to my cluttered digital desktop, seen here with all the reference in place, but dimmed, to make my amendments,and add a little more detail,  which will hopefully see another job out of the way.

I’ve been trying to produce some simpler images to sell at iStock decided to go back to a larger, more complex Cubist style image so knocked out a quick doodle whilst watching TV to use as the basis for an illustration.

I’ve then imported that into Illustrator, and , using some parts from previous illustrations in a similar style, have started building up the final artwork, shown here half completed.

Need a few more hours and a break from  ongoing freelance work to hopefully get it finished and uploaded.

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