A photo, for a change….

May 5, 2012

I go through phases of taking photos for my iStock portfolio…


when I’ve really run out of inspiration for illustrations, and assuming the weather is half decent, I’ll go off with my camera to see if I can find anything of interest.

I never sell a lot of photos but I do get a few that are in high double figures as far as sales go, so it’s always worth having a go. I was out with my partner and her mother and brother in the little riverside town of Orford a few weeks back, and in the one crack in the clouds managed to get this shot of a little 17th or 18th century cottage. It sat in my camera until the other day when I thought I might as well process and upload it, so here it is!


3 Responses to “A photo, for a change….”

  1. Jar Of Salt Says:

    The kind of image that tells a story. I like the warm hues 🙂

  2. Lovely photo and your work is so good I want to commission an image but con’t find your email addreenso please send it to me at elizant@tracery.net. Thanks John and Carol,

  3. Sorry for the misspelling.

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