Bird doodles

June 29, 2012

I felt I’d reached the end of the owl illustrations for a while but like drawing birds so had sat down one evening and doodled a page of birds ( a couple of owls slipped in too, but more of those later). ImageI was interested in getting a rough, hand drawn look to these images so I also drew some felt pen lines on rough watercolour paper, which I then scanned and live traced in Illustrator , and then made custom brush strokes from them, allowing me to apply a rough edged line to the drawings. here are the lines I drew and scanned…Image

I also included some short marks and some more woodcut style triangular marks, just to give me some more choice. I uploaded the sketches , placed them as a template in Illustrator and picked the best 4, then, using my favourite colour palette, an old vector pattern I drew ages ago and my custom brushes, came up with 4 new bird illustrations for my iStock portfolio…{%2225%22%3A%226%22}#600b398Image

OK, maybe a rather over dramatic title, but we invited some old friends over for a return meal last Saturday, we put lots of effort into planning the menu,making ice cream, buying top quality ingredients, cleaning the house, polishing the furniture etc etc. About an hour before the guests were due my daughter gave me an early Father’s Day present of a bottle of sloe gin. We tried a bit, very nice! Tried a bit more, nicer and nicer. Then our friends got lost on the way and turned up late, by which time the meal was overdone and we had almost finished off the sloe gin. The less said about the evening the better, although the food was mainly rescued, it did all become a bit of a blur, punctuated by me dropping a bottle of vodka on the tiled floor and Carol forgetting some of the starter ingredients. The next day, through a hungover haze, I did think how nice the flowers from the garden looked in a little Victorian jug that had been on the table, so managed to get  a half decent photo of it before the flowers died and we collapsed on chairs in the garden, vowing not to drink before the food was on the table next time.

I’ve always drawn a fairly large number of tree images for my istock portfolio…..

They’re steady sellers, probably half my sales on an average day are tree images and I’m often getting people ask me to design tree related logos, as the images for sale on istock are not allowed to be used for logos, about their only restriction. They’re somehow relaxing to draw, and it’s become a challenge finding new ways of drawing them. I often sit down in the evening with my sketch book, watching TV with one eye, doodling around as well in my sketchbook, I then look back a few days later to see if anything looks useful.

Here were some sketches from a few days back…..

Image(ignore the cats and rabbits!), here’s what I managed to salvage from it today….


Went shopping this morning at one of our favourite home stores at Snape Maltings…

Snape is home to the world famous Aldeburgh Festival and not only has the fabulous concert hall, but also a collection of great shops, full of the sort of tat we find hard to resist.

We managed to not spend too much today, but, in the kids shop, found this little knitted owl, sold by a French toy company but made in Nepal as part of a project to inject cash into poor communities, and particularly relevant to me given my recent owl production phase..

It’s all knitted, with a little brass bell attached to the branch. It now resides in my cabinet with all my other favourite little bits and pieces ( see an earlier blog for a full picture)

Fabric owl

June 8, 2012

Been lacking inspiration for the last week or so, long public holiday, lousy weather, all encourage non creativity, so to fill the yawning gap I decide to revisit a former theme, not entirely mined out, and managed to pull together an image I felt OK with. Got it accepted today, appearing early next week in my istock portfolio..{%2225%22%3A%226%22}#600b398


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