Lettering stuff

August 27, 2012

One of the frustrations for artists selling their work at iStock ( and for those who don’t know what that is , here’s a link to my portfolio there…..)


is that, specifically for those submitting vector illustrations, there’s been a blanket ban on images containing text. This has been down to concerns about legal rights to use fonts etc, an argument somewhat diluted by the fact that photographic contributors ( and that includes me) can submit raster illustrations with text and fonts, but not vectors. iStock have finally seen sense and allowed text based vectors, something that has been available at competitor sites for some time, so this opens up a whole new area for vector illustrators.

I’ve had a few accepted already, I’ll try and post a few later, here’s my favourite at the moment, an illustration based on my collection of old wooden type .



Hand drawn stuff

August 8, 2012

I suddenly remembered the other day that I had read that Illustrator CS6 had particularly good live trace abilities, the way that a jpeg file could be imported and auto traced to produce a vector illustration. Having being producing a series of illustrations of American landmarks for a publishing client I’d got used to wielding a pen for a change so decided to produce a series of hand drawn illustrations of my existing vector illustrations of trees, to give a slightly more raw look. Here are the first attempts, all accepted into my iStock portfolio….

More to come as I do them, or get bored and move to something else 😦

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