I’ve always been interested in trains, in a non-trainspottery way I hasten to add. Just something about them takes me back to my childhood and what seems to be a happier place. I like narrow gauge trains, the more run-down the better, industrial, grimy, I was casting around for some ideas for images to put on sale, and started messing around with some simple trains, in a slightly over-exaggerated narrow gauge style. The first one, not here, was a bit simpler, but as usual I am unable to keep it simple so this group got a bit more involved, detail-wise and I can hopefully mix and match with some rolling stock which I will draw and get a variety of images out of them.Image


September 4, 2012

I got these accepted at istock today, I quite like these, drawn from a collection of old wooden ampersands I have. I photographed them, then live-traced them in Adobe Illustrator. This is basically a mechanised process whereby the software converts a photo into a vector illustration. The settings ( there are a number of variables concerning the accuracy, and thus the file size, which can be adjusted) were on pretty high, but with a palette of about 30-40 colours, rather than the max of ( I think) 128, which does maker for bigger files.

I know they’re mechanical but the fact they are a vector drawing, can be scaled to any size with no resolution loss, and are drawn, in whatever way, is quite impressive.

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