Craft fair thoughts…

March 28, 2013

Carrying on from my last blog, we survived the craft fair, it wasn’t as busy as we’d like but we did have some sales, very surprisingly the two actual drawings we took both sold, as these were the most expensive things on the stall. We also sold some smaller items, a few cards, a mug, a notebook. Nothing earth shattering but not a complete disaster and we probably took more than I would have dared to guess. BTW, some of the new items are available in the store on our website…..

At the end of the fair we were approached by another stall holder, who organises fairs herself, the upshot of which is that we have agreed to attend a fair in Colchester on Saturday……..Image

Our daughter Lucy and her boyfriend Chris have offered to do this one, so it will be interesting to see how it compares with Ipswich ( more buyers, we are hoping!). Anyone in Colchester, pop in and say Hi!

Here’s the Ipswich stall…….


New selling opportunities

March 14, 2013

After some pressure from our oldest daughter to make a greater effort to promote the items we sell on our website,

and to produce some more, we have signed up to a craft fair in Ipswich this Sunday. We have been to events organised by the same people before and liked the vibe, much more current and modern, not your average craft fair full of bad paintings and corn dollies. Carol especially has put in a lot of effort with the new products, and we have commissioned 3 new mugs too, so we have new prints, both framed and unframed, some great little animal brooches Carol has made, framed artworks, cards, all sorts of stuff.There are some pictures below of some of the new stuff awaiting packaging. We cut a little bone stamp out of an eraser to decorate the packaging with too. Hopefully all the new items will be available soon on the website shop too, so if anyone is in Ipswich this Sunday, we’re in the Grand Hall at the Town Hall, 10 am -4pm.482591_10151780262088569_1205643732_n IMGP5028 IMGP5029 IMGP5030 IMGP5031

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