Technical drawing

February 5, 2013

TD-samplesWhen I was at school TD was one of those subjects I hated ( along with just about everything else, come to think about it), involving horrible stubby pencils with broken leads that always dropped out just as you’d achieved the perfect point, horrible cheap paper and wooden rulers and set squares that were covered in chips and knocks from their alternative use as makeshift weapons. I could never get on with it and always ended up with graphite stains and smears on my work. 40 years or so ¬†fast forward and I really enjoy drawing technical subjects, so when I was asked by long time clients Ivy Press to draw some exploded diagrams for a woodwork project book I was pretty happy, a nice chance to get away from having to come up with creative imagery and to be able to construct a nice grid and work out perspectives and just making everything look clean and tidy, all nice and clean and digital with no broken leads and rubbing out involved. Here’s just a selection of the images involved, nothing exciting but quietly satisfying.

Rather ironically, as I’m currently illustrating a book called Blogging for Photographers,I was reading some text from said book, all about how bloggers start off with good intent then lapse into indolence and lack of direction. >sigh. Sounded a bit familiar so I decided to start just posting images as I do them ( well, ones I like anyway) and do away with the waffle, unless I’m in a waffle-ey mood, in which case I’ll, err, waffle. I mention new shop stuff above as I’ve opened a Cafe Press account and re-opened my Zazzle shop. As it takes a bit of time to get these populated and up and running I’ll post links at a later date, in the meantime here are a few recent images I’ve uploaded to stock, the keen eyed may notice I’ve gone back to owls, and I’ve also had a little run of new lighthouse images, for no particular reason other than I came across a sketch of one in a sketchbook of mine and as I hadn’t anything else to draw I took up the illustrative baton and ran with it.Image



The Doors

May 18, 2012

OK, relax, fans of 60’s/70’s prog rock God Jim Morrison and his band of elegantly wasted West Coast musicans, I misplacesd a plural, I’m talking about doors, of the entrance variety.

I’ve already got a few in my istock portfolio, I think one has sold 39 times, so not huge sellers but with potential so I’ve just drawn a slightly more detailed version in colour, in the hope of selling a few more.{%2225%22%3A%226%22}#600b398

Hopefully appearing in my portfolio and available to buy in a few days……

It’s been such terrible weather this Spring in the UK there have been few days when going out with a camera was worthwhile but a couple of weeks ago we had a nice morning which coincided with my desire to get out of the house and do something other than drawing for a change, so I nipped down to Sizewell beach here in Suffolk and managed a few shots of the power station ( a favourite subject of mine) and some boat bits left by the fishermen, plus a bit of rusty texture on some machinery, not a bad result for a couple of hours out, all now in my istock portfolio…{%2225%22%3A%226%22}#600b398

That shadow under the boat is a bit annoying now I look at it again!

I go through phases of taking photos for my iStock portfolio…{%2225%22%3A%226%22}#1358bc5c

when I’ve really run out of inspiration for illustrations, and assuming the weather is half decent, I’ll go off with my camera to see if I can find anything of interest.

I never sell a lot of photos but I do get a few that are in high double figures as far as sales go, so it’s always worth having a go. I was out with my partner and her mother and brother in the little riverside town of Orford a few weeks back, and in the one crack in the clouds managed to get this shot of a little 17th or 18th century cottage. It sat in my camera until the other day when I thought I might as well process and upload it, so here it is!

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