Rather ironically, as I’m currently illustrating a book called Blogging for Photographers,I was reading some text from said book, all about how bloggers start off with good intent then lapse into indolence and lack of direction. >sigh. Sounded a bit familiar so I decided to start just posting images as I do them ( well, ones I like anyway) and do away with the waffle, unless I’m in a waffle-ey mood, in which case I’ll, err, waffle. I mention new shop stuff above as I’ve opened a Cafe Press account and re-opened my Zazzle shop. As it takes a bit of time to get these populated and up and running I’ll post links at a later date, in the meantime here are a few recent images I’ve uploaded to stock, the keen eyed may notice I’ve gone back to owls, and I’ve also had a little run of new lighthouse images, for no particular reason other than I came across a sketch of one in a sketchbook of mine and as I hadn’t anything else to draw I took up the illustrative baton and ran with it.Image



Went shopping this morning at one of our favourite home stores at Snape Maltings…


Snape is home to the world famous Aldeburgh Festival and not only has the fabulous concert hall, but also a collection of great shops, full of the sort of tat we find hard to resist.

We managed to not spend too much today, but, in the kids shop, found this little knitted owl, sold by a French toy company but made in Nepal as part of a project to inject cash into poor communities, and particularly relevant to me given my recent owl production phase..

It’s all knitted, with a little brass bell attached to the branch. It now resides in my cabinet with all my other favourite little bits and pieces ( see an earlier blog for a full picture)

Fabric owl

June 8, 2012

Been lacking inspiration for the last week or so, long public holiday, lousy weather, all encourage non creativity, so to fill the yawning gap I decide to revisit a former theme, not entirely mined out, and managed to pull together an image I felt OK with. Got it accepted today, appearing early next week in my istock portfolio..



Last of the owls!

May 30, 2012

Think I’m running out of owl steam but have managed to squeeze a couple of final files out of the process.

Time to move on to subjects new!

More Owl stuff

May 29, 2012

I’m becoming an owl obsessive for a while, until boredom sets in, so I’ve been producing some more to sell as digital downloads at iStock and doodling some in my sketchbook. There’s something strangely satisfying in the symmetry of their faces. Here are two more I’ve done in the last couple of days, plus some soon to be artworked doodles.Yes, some fish in there too, they’re for another day though.

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