OK, maybe a rather over dramatic title, but we invited some old friends over for a return meal last Saturday, we put lots of effort into planning the menu,making ice cream, buying top quality ingredients, cleaning the house, polishing the furniture etc etc. About an hour before the guests were due my daughter gave me an early Father’s Day present of a bottle of sloe gin. We tried a bit, very nice! Tried a bit more, nicer and nicer. Then our friends got lost on the way and turned up late, by which time the meal was overdone and we had almost finished off the sloe gin. The less said about the evening the better, although the food was mainly rescued, it did all become a bit of a blur, punctuated by me dropping a bottle of vodka on the tiled floor and Carol forgetting some of the starter ingredients. The next day, through a hungover haze, I did think how nice the flowers from the garden looked in a little Victorian jug that had been on the table, so managed to get  a half decent photo of it before the flowers died and we collapsed on chairs in the garden, vowing not to drink before the food was on the table next time.

3 cameras

May 15, 2012

Bit of a simpe job today, the sort I like, reasonable fee, just make some simple images look reasonably attractive with decent reference ( although strict instructions to alter the images enough to avoid any potential copyright problems as the client had had big problems in this area previously)

Basically draw 6 retro cameras, did 3 today, 3 more to follow tomorrow.

It’s been such terrible weather this Spring in the UK there have been few days when going out with a camera was worthwhile but a couple of weeks ago we had a nice morning which coincided with my desire to get out of the house and do something other than drawing for a change, so I nipped down to Sizewell beach here in Suffolk and managed a few shots of the power station ( a favourite subject of mine) and some boat bits left by the fishermen, plus a bit of rusty texture on some machinery, not a bad result for a couple of hours out, all now in my istock portfolio…


That shadow under the boat is a bit annoying now I look at it again!

I go through phases of taking photos for my iStock portfolio…


when I’ve really run out of inspiration for illustrations, and assuming the weather is half decent, I’ll go off with my camera to see if I can find anything of interest.

I never sell a lot of photos but I do get a few that are in high double figures as far as sales go, so it’s always worth having a go. I was out with my partner and her mother and brother in the little riverside town of Orford a few weeks back, and in the one crack in the clouds managed to get this shot of a little 17th or 18th century cottage. It sat in my camera until the other day when I thought I might as well process and upload it, so here it is!

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