I’ve always been interested in trains, in a non-trainspottery way I hasten to add. Just something about them takes me back to my childhood and what seems to be a happier place. I like narrow gauge trains, the more run-down the better, industrial, grimy, I was casting around for some ideas for images to put on sale, and started messing around with some simple trains, in a slightly over-exaggerated narrow gauge style. The first one, not here, was a bit simpler, but as usual I am unable to keep it simple so this group got a bit more involved, detail-wise and I can hopefully mix and match with some rolling stock which I will draw and get a variety of images out of them.Image

I was ferreting around in some old folders as someone had asked me to send them some samples of technical illustration, if I had any. Gathering virtual dust was something I did ages ago as a sample, when I’d run out of work. I’d sort of forgotten all about it but I do think it looks OK considering how long ago I did it. It was drawn from someone else’s photo so I’d have copyright issues with uploading it at iStock, but may as well stick it in here to give it an airing!

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