New selling opportunities

March 14, 2013

After some pressure from our oldest daughter to make a greater effort to promote the items we sell on our website,

and to produce some more, we have signed up to a craft fair in Ipswich this Sunday. We have been to events organised by the same people before and liked the vibe, much more current and modern, not your average craft fair full of bad paintings and corn dollies. Carol especially has put in a lot of effort with the new products, and we have commissioned 3 new mugs too, so we have new prints, both framed and unframed, some great little animal brooches Carol has made, framed artworks, cards, all sorts of stuff.There are some pictures below of some of the new stuff awaiting packaging. We cut a little bone stamp out of an eraser to decorate the packaging with too. Hopefully all the new items will be available soon on the website shop too, so if anyone is in Ipswich this Sunday, we’re in the Grand Hall at the Town Hall, 10 am -4pm.482591_10151780262088569_1205643732_n IMGP5028 IMGP5029 IMGP5030 IMGP5031

Tricky freelance job

May 4, 2012

I was asked by our website designers…..

to produce two artworks for a new client, an industrial cleaner manufacturer dealing in products for animals ( for kennels, stables, zoo’s etc) and for human use too.

They asked firstly for a circle of animals, of different breeds, running in circles……

They went surprisingly easily, just a few small corrections to get it right, then I had to do the same thing, but with different ages of children to adults. After much amending and tweaking of small details, finally got it right…Bit of a relief to see that signed off!

When our site when online last week we had a few items in our store

but were caught out when we had an order for a mug immediately, having not actually given any thought to how we were going to mail out the mugs. Carol ordered a pack of mug boxes and some tastefully coloured tissue paper from the retailer who came first in a Google search for packing materials ( yes, you know who you are!) on Thursday, and we were told everything would be delivered to us on Monday. Cue phone call on Monday morning from the supplier, saying no boxes until Tuesday, no tissue paper until Thursday, but we cancelled the order, having lost trust in their ability to deliver, rushed into Ipswich to try and buy mug boxes in Staples, a large office supply shop, to find they had none available so we bought a large cardboard box, the biggest they had, then went to Paperchase where we found tasteful tissue paper and found they were selling mugs in boxes, one of which we bought to use the box as a template. This morning we deconstructed the mug box and made our own from the template ( the Paperchase version was already decorated), and eventually, 6 days after the initial order ( sorry Ian!) got it all packed up and posted. I hate to think what the cost was, it was probably the worlds most expensive mug box, but it got done, and we learnt some valuable lessons on forward planning and costing. We’ve got enough card now for plenty more boxes, and Carol has made another one in readiness for our 2nd order!


Mug, awaiting despatch.

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