I’ve always drawn a fairly large number of tree images for my istock portfolio…..


They’re steady sellers, probably half my sales on an average day are tree images and I’m often getting people ask me to design tree related logos, as the images for sale on istock are not allowed to be used for logos, about their only restriction. They’re somehow relaxing to draw, and it’s become a challenge finding new ways of drawing them. I often sit down in the evening with my sketch book, watching TV with one eye, doodling around as well in my sketchbook, I then look back a few days later to see if anything looks useful.

Here were some sketches from a few days back…..

Image(ignore the cats and rabbits!), here’s what I managed to salvage from it today….


Fabric owl

June 8, 2012

Been lacking inspiration for the last week or so, long public holiday, lousy weather, all encourage non creativity, so to fill the yawning gap I decide to revisit a former theme, not entirely mined out, and managed to pull together an image I felt OK with. Got it accepted today, appearing early next week in my istock portfolio..



Bottles of booze

May 23, 2012

I’ve been going through a rather lean spell, ideas-wise, so when I’m a bit stuck for something to draw to sell as micro-stock I resort to taking photos of everyday objects and drawing simple illustrations of them , often silhouettes, as here, a selection of bottlesĀ  from my extensive alcohol collection, plus glasses to drink it with. Not the most exciting image but that’s not always what selling microstock is abou. Here they are in simple silhouette form…


Once I’ve dawn an image I try and re-use it, so I took the bottles alone and placed them on a page and cut out and recoloured them where they overlapped, and did two versions which will sell together…

I may try and do something similar with the glasses.

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